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statement of values

Committed to continuous improvement in the quality of our educational services and the improvement of our work environment, the employees, management and staff of Ojibwa adhere to the following values:

Opportunity: An aspiration to provide a high degree of "opportunity" to our students through the educational services we provide.

Job Preparation:  Innovative thinking, planning and implementation of our educational system, compatible with our goal of providing our students with the best possible preparation to enter the job market after they complete their educational careers.

Integrity:  A personal belief that as individuals we uphold our principles and conduct ourselves with honor and respect.

Beliefs:  A strong adherence to the belief that that Native American Culture can only be safeguarded and preserved by the careful nurturing of our sacred heritage through the educational opportunities that we provide for our youth.

Worth:  A desire to recognize the personal worth inherent in all individuals whether they are students, faculty, administration, and/or staff.

Accountability:  Utilizing the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art educational opportunities for our students, providing them with the most up-to-date educational experience possible.

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employee handbook

Recognizing the importance of our employees to our continued success, we strive to be supportive and to provide you with the resources necessary to fulfill your professional goals and responsibilities.  This handbook is one of those resources and is intended to be an outline of general policies, rules, and benefits that affect our employees.  Click here to view Employee Handbook

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